15 Insanely Overrated TV Series That Need To Go Away - Wealth of Geeks

Some television shows deserve and receive acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Other shows receive justifiable criticism because they’re either meh or just plain terrible.

Somewhere between the two sit programs wildly popular among audiences and critics, but nobody can quite explain why. More than a few series fall into this category.

Anyone who has ever found himself befuddled by the high praise a mediocre show receives, he's not alone. Meet some of the most overrated shows on record.


17 Terrifying Movies Based On True Stories - Wealth of Geeks

There's nothing more frightening than a scary movie based on actual events. Seeing fictionalized horrors unfold is one thing. However, knowing that real individuals experienced these terrible things adds a whole new level of terror.

Our roundup of the scariest movies inspired by true events covers various topics for a well-rounded marathon of stories that will have you hesitating to leave your home — or calculating how fast you may want to move.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)


Jumping the Shark: 13 Plot Decisions That Ruined Good TV Shows - Wealth of Geeks

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of watching a good television show. Having characters that interest viewers, a strong storyline and interesting plot development makes all the difference in the world.

It doesn’t take much to ruin a show, like introducing a new character, an unlikely pairing, or an improbable plot twist. One misstep or miscalculation in one or more elements turns an audience off.

Plenty of once-popular series have experienced a jump-the-shark moment to their detriment. Whi

The 24 Best Apocalypse Movies of All Time - Wealth of Geeks

Films with a theme of the apocalypse have fascinated moviegoers for decades. Something about watching how characters react during the end of the world and its aftermath consistently draws moviegoers to the box office. Recent events have made the concept of the apocalypse even more of a reality rather than a work of fiction, and the best endings of the film display humanity's struggle in the face of total devastation.

Check out the best apocalypse movies to ever transfix an audience.

After the

22 Formerly Popular Movies That Haven’t Aged Well - Wealth of Geeks

Movies represent the time they were made. As a result, not everything about formerly popular films ages well. The themes tolerable during a specific era don't necessarily translate to the present, however.

In some instances, the movies have such cringeworthy scenes that it's hard to believe they were even made, much less found a way to evade the censors. Have a look at some once-beloved movies that now make viewers cringe.

Film lovers often cite Woody Allen as one of the greatest filmmakers ev

25 TV Characters We Hate More Than Anything - Wealth of Geeks

We love to hate some of the most famous (or infamous) television characters. They've earned the audience's ire with their heinous transgressions ranging from manipulation to murder.

Sometimes, it's a villain rightfully earning out hatred. Other times, it's a character we just can't stand.

When it comes to cruel monarchs among hated TV characters, few can match the depravity of King Joffrey Baratheon.

From having the innocent Ned Starke executed in front of his own daughters to humiliating his

These Diverse James Marsden Movies Prove He Has More Than a Handsome Mug - Wealth of Geeks

James Marsden loves his job, appearing on the big and small screen for over 30 years. If his handsome face looks familiar, it's because he's had a role in nearly 60 motion pictures and over two dozen television appearances in shows like Dead to Me and Westworld.

He currently has two highly anticipated films set to for release later this year: Unfrosted, directed by comedian Jerry Seinfeld and starring Marsden as fitness guru Jack LaLanne, and the live-action animated sequel Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Tom Cruise Net Worth and How He Earned Millions - Wealth of Geeks

When it comes to wealthy Hollywood celebrities, very few are in the same league as actor and producer Tom Cruise, who's not only one of the most bankable stars in the industry today but also one of the highest-paid. Cruise has starred in more than 50 motion pictures in his four decades in the movie industry. His career mainly consists of action-packed films that appeal to a global audience.

Tom Cruise’s net worth as of 2024 is reportedly a staggering $600 million, and it’s believed he commands

24 Best Black Documentaries To Watch - Wealth of Geeks

Black culture isn't monolithic; the diversity of the Black experience in the United States runs far and wide. Stories of unity, division, struggle, triumph, sadness, and joy exist in all corners of the community.

These true stories told in documentaries offer a glimpse into what it means to identify as Black. Whether an audience is part of the culture or wants to learn about it, these Black documentaries will deepen an understanding of Black Americans' lives and rich history.

By far the defini

The Best TV Cameos That Impressed Audiences - Wealth of Geeks

Cameos are always an exciting part of television. Whether it's a fellow actor, musician, or even a politician, there's something that excites the audience seeing someone notable appear on a show.

Sometimes, a cameo can add to the show's overarching plot, like politicians appearing on shows such as Parks and Recreation. Other times, we get a chance to see actors playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Whether the reason, cameos are some of the most exciting one-off moments in television.

A Ranking of Richard Pryor Movies for Nonstop Hilarity - Wealth of Geeks

The public most often associates Richard Pryor with his stand-up comedy acts and acting performances with fellow comedic actor Gene Wilder. But fans may not realize his comedic genius includes producing and writing films, like co-writing the legendary comedy Blazing Saddles. He didn't shy away from his struggles with addiction, sobriety, and illness, which likely affected some of his films and film choices.

Pryor sadly passed away in 2005 but left a legacy of classic Richard Pryor movies…and so

The Most Groundbreaking Sitcoms TV in History - Wealth of Geeks

Sitcoms or situation comedies amuse and delight audiences with a cast of characters who find themselves in conventional, unusual, or wildly exaggerated dilemmas they have to resolve. However, some sitcoms break boundaries in a manner that's culturally significant and impactful.

The new frontiers of these groundbreaking sitcoms have paved the way for many others who have or will follow them in the future.

In 1997, stand-up comedian and actress Ellen DeGeneres had a popular 30-minute show on ABC

Beyond J. Lo: Ranking Every Jennifer Lopez Movie - Wealth of Geeks

Actress, dancer, singer, and producer Jennifer Lopez, a Hollywood mainstay for nearly three decades, does it all. She first came to prominence as one of the Fly Girl dancers from the show In Living Color. Since then, she's racked up a substantial resume of albums and movies, including documentaries. She's enjoyed several big hits, but she's had many more misses.

For a comprehensive look, check out this roundup of every Jennifer Lopez movie, ranked by order of quality.

Lopez was rightfully nomi

The Best and Worst Movie Remakes - Wealth of Geeks

Remaking a classic movie always poses a risk. Common refrains include questions about the audacity of a redux and comparisons to the first film–chatter both the best and worst movie remakes always attract.

Conventional wisdom says to leave the original alone, and while some remakes fall flat, many others either match or eclipse the earlier outing. Many better remakes bring something new to the earlier stories, while the worst typically miss or omit the qualities that made the original picture s

The Best Credit Cards for Teens To Learn Financial Responsibility - Wealth of Geeks

Teens can establish and build up their credit with the right credit cards. Finding and choosing the best credit cards for teens can be difficult, so it's essential to research the card's benefits and features first.

It's also critical for teens to understand the concept of credit and how it works. After all, their credit score follows them throughout their adult lives. Being aware of the possible benefits and pitfalls of having a credit card adequately prepares them for the responsibility.